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Heavenly Visitors for Lisa (2008)

Lisa Bergmann (Mira Bartuschek) or as we do three years ago when her husband died in a hang gliding accident. Ever since then she has been trying to get a grip on her life by sticking to a strict routine. Ever since she qualified she has been working with her best friend Nicki (Britta Horn) as a medical assistant to an orthopaedic specialist. One day, completely out of the blue, the elderly woman doctor is replaced by a younger orthopedist, Dr. Luka Schneider (Ralf Bauer), who has taken over the practice. Lisa is completely thrown off balance: she doesn't feel equal to the pressure of working with this ambitious young doctor -- who is also good-looking and a well-known ladies man. She starts to do everything wrong and makes a whole series of stupid mistakes. So now it looks as though she could lose her job! In despair she goes up to her husband's grave in the mountains. She has decided she can't go on and she wanted to end it all. Step by step, Lisa approaches the edge of the rock face. But the last second three mysterious beings appear in front of her, each no more than 30 cm high, and stop her from jumping.
They are a special unit sent from heaven, and they vow to accompany her until she chooses to live again. The problem is that the three of them can't agree on the best way to help Lisa. They are so different that arguments are inevitable. Raphaela (Maren Scheel), who sings from more than talks, believes firmly in the dream of a new life. Wally (Nina Vorbrodt), a mature Rubens beauty, is convinced that love at work is no basis for a family, outside Hollywood. And Asmodeus (Dominique Horwitz), an elegant but dangerous seducer, has no time at all for love if you can get good sex. For Lisa the days to come a turbulent whirlwind with these unexpected advisers in love and life...


Mira Bartuschek, Ralf Bauer, Dominique Horwitz, Nina Vorbrodt, Maren Scheel, Britta Horn, Thomas Unger


Sophie Allet-Coche

Andrea Katzenberger nach dem Roman UNTER DEINEM STERN von Victoria Connelly

Stephan Wagner

Günter Schultens

Martin Müller

Siggi Mueller

Katrin Steinmann

Jörg Büttner

Rita Serra-Roll, Regina Ziegler

Patrick N. Simon



TV Movie

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